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Darren Eden | Chief Instructor


Darren started training in Taekwon-Do in 2007 under the tuition of Mr Paul Hafren (2nd Degree), at the Warrington club.

12 months after he started training Mr Hafren unfortunately had to end his instructing, so he continued his training under Mr James Miley (5th Degree) who is the Chief Instructor at the Trident Taekwon-Do Academy.
His training was then based at the South Trafford College in Altrincham, until the Trident Taekwon-Do Academy was opened in Sale, in the year 2010.

Darren rose through the ranks quickly, gaining his 1st Degree Black Belt in the year 2011.
At this point he began to assist Mr James Miley at the Warrington club. He quickly got the bug for Instructing and took over running the classes after passing his 2nd Degree black belt in the year 2013.

Soon after this he then took on the Chief Instructor role at both the Bolton and North Manchester clubs.

I am proud to say that I have guided 5 students through to Black Belt level since taking over at these clubs, with more students set to take their Black Belt grading in 2015.
In addition to this I have produced many gold medallists at both local and national events. Together with producing both ITF English and ITF Scottish Champions too.


Instructor teaching certificate-2014


Chief Instructor


ITF Black Belt Degree No: GB-2-1140
ITF Instructor Plaque No: 607222
DBS (Formerly CRB) Certificate No: 001408071785

Contact Info

t: 07841 451061
e: info@deden-tkd.co.uk